About David Koch


When it comes to getting a home loan, I know there are more options for you than I can count. I can also tell you that when promoting themselves to potential clients, mortgage companies put their efforts into 1 of 4 different categories:

• Low Rates

• Great Service

• Many Loan Options

• Easy To Work With

The way it goes is that if you want a low rate, then you should expect poor service and a difficult process. If you want great service, then you’d have higher rates and limited loan options. Essentially, you cannot have all four.

That is unless you work with my team over here at NEXA Mortgage. Our commitment to all four has catapulted us to becoming the Fastest Growing Mortgage Company in the US because we deliver on all four. As a company, this commitment is built into the fabric of who we are and is right in our Core Values.

If you were to read our Core Values, you’d see that “Putting The Customer First” is the very first value we hold to. What does “Putting The Customer First” mean? Let me share what that means to us directly from our Core Values, “At NEXA Mortgage, a satisfied customer is one who would refer us to friends and family. We win the trust and the business of our customers through a genuine desire to serve them.”

You may have noticed that my bio talks a lot about my company and that’s intentional. The more you learn about NEXA Mortgage the more you’ll learn how important it is to them to only hire great people who are excellent at what they do, and to be working for NEXA Mortgage, it’s humbling and an honor to know they feel that way about me.


I’m most passionate in the mortgage industry about changing the narrative of young people buying homes, and about making “the impossible” happen every day. My job is to guide people down the path to successful homeownership and personal independence, all the while providing exceptional service.

I graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, IL, and I began my career in financial services serving people in retail banking, in both community-based credit unions to large national banks. I took this background knowledge and combined it with my passion for helping people achieve their goals to become a mortgage loan originator and independent mortgage broker in January 2018.

When not originating home loans, my hobbies include music, reading, superhero movies, bike riding, improvisational theater, Toastmasters, and the very real fake sport of professional wrestling.  I live in Winfield, IL with my wife Allison, and our jack russell terrier-yorkie mix, Posey.

David Koch
Mortgage Loan Originator
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